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All Hayracks are made from random width oak lumber. The frame for the standard 16’ regular hayrack is composed from two main sills that are 3”x8”x16’ it also has two anti rock over 3”x6” 5 feet from each end. With a front and back board and a 2”x4” down the middle for added strength. The deck is nailed to the sills and the 2”x4” and then clamped on the sides with 1”x3” that is carriage bolted at every deck board.
The frame for the HD is the same except the sills have 3”x4” across that are lag bolted to the sills. The deck boards are long ways down the hayrack with a 2”x4” clamped to the sides. This design makes it stronger and it’s more for round bails.
All standard hayracks come with a clamp on back standard that is 6’x6’.
This is only the standard design and by no means the only kinds we make.
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