Established 1994
Owned and Operated by
Jeffrey R. Tervol
and Jason E. Tervol

Tervol's Wood Products

Kiln Drying
Natural Edge Slabs
Molding and Flooring
Log Cabin Materials

Kiln Drying

Tervolís Wood Products owns two small commercial kilns. Our large kiln can hold approximately 12,000 bd.ft. of one inch material and our small kiln can hold approximately 7,000 bd.ft. Both of the kiln drying units use dehumidification systems and conventional heating. This was to lower the amount of energy required to dry the lumber. All the kilns were designed and built by Tervolís Wood Products. The kilns take about one month to dry one inch oak and three weeks to dry one inch pine. We can also dry timbers for timber frame homes or log cabin materials for log homes. The larger materials usually take longer because they have to be dried more slowly to limit cracking and defects.

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