Established 1994
Owned and Operated by
Jeffrey R. Tervol
and Jason E. Tervol

Tervol's Wood Products

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Natural Edge Slabs
Molding and Flooring
Log Cabin Materials

TWP Services

Custom Sawing of your logs is done on site or at our location.
Sawing at your site is done by the hour, 4 hour minimum at $100.00 per hour.
Sawing at our site is $100.00 per hour no minimum, or if the lumber is to be Kiln Dried the price is typically $0.50 per bd.ft.
We also do quarter sawing which cost an extra $0.10-$0.25 per bd.ft. with no changes to the hourly rate.
Large Slab sawing is $0.50-$1.50 per bd.ft.
Kiln Drying
Molding and Flooring
Kiln drying is $0.50 per bd.ft. for 4/4 inch lumber.
There is no minimum quantity.
There are special rates for other thicknesses please contact us for details.
Molding is $1.00 per BF processed (4-8") for flooring, paneling and S4S. ($50.00 minimum)
Other custom molding is based on the complexness of the pattern.
Other Services
Trucking is $80.00 an hour. (No minimum)
Planing for 18" and under is $0.25 per bd.ft. (1 face) and $0.40 per bd.ft. (2 faces) ($10.00 minimum)
Planing for 18"-36" is $140.00 per hour. ($10.00 minimum)
Straight edge ripping is 15 cents per bd.ft. per edge. ($10.00 minimum)
Sanding is $140.00 per hour. ($10.00 minimum)
                                    Prices are subject to change without notice

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