Established 1994
Owned and Operated by
Jeffrey R. Tervol
and Jason E. Tervol

Tervol's Wood Products

Kiln Drying
Natural Edge Slabs
Molding and Flooring
Log Cabin Materials

Product Details

Tervol's Wood Products carries a wide variety of kiln dried reclaimed native lumber. We have over 100,000 board feet in stock. The lumber we sell has been dried to between 6 and 8 percent "cabinet grade". We also carry a wide variety of dimensions and thicknesses.
Custom Cut Materials
Kiln Dried Lumber
Our custom cut materials are sawn to your specifications. The lumber can be green off the mill or kiln dried. Non dried or green lumber is good for fencing, barn siding, barn beams, rustic siding and trailer decking
Hayracks and Kicker Boxs are built out of red and white oak. Our standard hayrack is 8' x 16' and comes with a clamp-on 6' x 6' back standard. The sills under the deck are 42" apart on the outside. Hayrack however can be custom built to fit whatever gear you have.
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